1st Teaching Observation

I’ve just completed my first teaching observation as part of my Pg Cert course. Funny that I was nervous beforehand – I have presented in front of my observer many times before.

I was teaching dissertation research skills to distance learning LLM Employment Law students.  Generally the class went well: I covered all of the planned material, finished on time, the students were engaged throughout, and gave positive feedback after the class.

Following feedback from our Microteach session, I made powerpoint slides available to students beforehand, and they were able to take notes during the class. I also gave them the workbook and answers – so they are able to revisit the practical activities after class.

One of the databases (JustCite) was down, and I had to adapt one of the planned activities accordingly.  In days gone by, when IT failure was more commonplace, I used to keep screenshots of my demonstrations as a back-up. Perhaps something to reconsider – particularly for weekend teaching.

I will meet with my observer next week to receive formal feedback …   



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