BIALL Committee Chair

I became Chair of BIALL’s Professional Development Committee in June. I took possession of the Committee Chair Badge at the BIALL conference in Glasgow.  Did Mark (outgoing Chair) throw the badge at me and run away? 


I’ve been a member of the committee for a couple of years: I’m familiar with our quarterly committee meetings, and I’ve organised a few training courses.  But I’m now beginning to appreciate the extra responsibility and workload of the Chair: I’ve written my first BIALL newsletter item, sent my first report for BIALL council, sent my apologies for not attending the BIALL council meeting, scheduled my first committee meeting (agenda to follow), and I’m planning three training courses! 

I’m keen to take our courses to the regions – to organise events in ‘The North’, Scotland, Ireland and Wales – and to make our courses available online.  Ironically, I’m most nervous about organising our London based social events – quiz night and spring social.  As a non-Londoner, I’ve not even attended these events before, let alone organised them!  I’m definitely going to have to do BIALL committee work in my own time, and make better use of our committee members, and BIALL council members in London. 

Will I be a good Committee Chair? Ask me again this time next year … 


One thought on “BIALL Committee Chair

  1. Anneli says:

    Good luck! Will be interesting to hear about your experiences… as I am due to take the baton from Ian next year… and not feeling 100% confident about it even though will have been on the committee for 6 years by then!

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