Module A – Result!

I have spent the last year studying Module A of the Postgraduate Certificate in Academic Practice in Higher Education. This included around 15 taught sessions, 3 formative essays, 2 teaching observations, and a final formative essay and portfolio. There were many stressful days and nights, particularly over the Christmas vacation, as I finished my final essay and portfolio. I have at times found it difficult to relate the academic theory to my practice, and I was concerned that my essay and portfolio would not make the grade. However, after a nervous few weeks, I am very pleased to say that I have passed, and passed with a merit! This also means that I will become a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy! The course has been both interesting and challenging, and I can see how I have developed as a teacher. I plan to continue my studies, complete Module D in eLearning, and gain my full postgraduate certificate qualification. However, these plans are going on hold for a year, as I will be taking maternity leave at Easter. I will be back – in 2015!


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