PCAPHE Success!

PCAPHEAfter 2.5 years, I have finally completed my Postgraduate Certificate in Academic Practice in Higher Education!  I am beyond happy: not only did I pass, I received an overall grade of Merit, far exceeding my own expectations.

It all began back in February 2013, when I started Module A, a double module on teaching, learning and assessment, which also led to HEA Fellowship.  I then took 2014 off for maternity leave, and returned in February 2015 to complete Module D, a single module on elearning, which completed the credits required for the postgraduate certificate.

The course was hard work: it was academically challenging, and hard to balance with my normal workload and family life.  At times, I found it difficult to understand and apply the academic theory to my library practice. Over time, I began to redefine myself as a teacher rather than a librarian.  The course was also very enjoyable and inspirational.  It has sparked my interest in teaching and learning, and certainly improved my own practice, and therefore hopefully my students’ experience. It has also opened the door to many new opportunities including collaborative presentations with academics at the HEA teaching workshop and librarians at the BIALL conference.

Would I recommend the course?  Yes, definitely (but maybe not the year off)!

Am I going to do another course? No, it’s time for some ‘me time’, no more study (for a while at least)!



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