3rd Annual Learning and Teaching Conference 2015

The Leicester Learning Institute hosted their 3rd Annual Teaching and Learning Conference on 30 June 2015.  The conference theme was Beyond the Placement: Where Next, and the focus was on careers and employability skills.

We heard from a variety of colleagues about employability schemes in their departments or colleges.  Richard Sandell (Museum Studies) described how practical vocational skills are interwoven into the MA degree curriculum.  Mark Goodwin (Genetics) discussed careers planning and support from year 1 of the BA degree course.  And Korin Grant (Economics) described an alumni mentoring scheme for BSc degree students.

One of the most enlightening talks was by Jennifer Williams from Teach First, who outlined their recruitment process, how Leicester students perform (compared to the national average), and which attributes Leicester students need to develop (humility, respect and empathy, leadership & resilience).

Some key themes to emerge from the conference were:

  • Consultation and partnerships with students and employers;
  • Embedding employability into the curriculum;
  • Accrediting employability programmes (HEAR statement);
  • Teaching students to articulate their employability skills in CVs and interviews.

There is some work we in the library can do on the employability agenda, particularly related to research skills and business intelligence.